NL Module Coalescing Filters


Ingersoll Rand’s NL Module coalescing Filters

Ingersoll Rand’s NL Module coalescing filters provide true oil-free compressed air with minimal pressure drop of 0.5 psid for long-term cost savings. Superior air quality is achieved by effectively removing damaging oil and water aerosols before they flow through air system piping, process equipment and pneumatic valves and tools. Conventional filters used to achieve similar air quality typically operate at a pressure drop 6 psid higher than the NL Module, and have a far shorter service life. These maintenance-free filters feature a high-quality design that extends element life to 10 to 15 years and helps eliminate system downtime by reducing the effects of a catastrophic failure of the compressor’s air/oil separator. Once the pressure differential reaches 3 psid or greater, it is time to change the element. This requires depressurization of the vessel as well as lid and element removal.

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