Rb Series 55-75 kW


Rb Series 55-75 kW Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors

Ingersoll Rand Rb-Series air compressors leverage time-tested technology to provide a consistent supply of compressed air to your critical processes. Developed with reliability and productivity in mind, Rb-Series compressors are designed to provide enhanced serviceability to maximize productivity.

  • Time-Proven Reliable and Robust Airends

Used in compressors worldwide, Ingersoll Rand single-stage airends have proven to be the market leader in both reliability and efficiency.

• Precision machined rotors.

• Highest quality tapered roller bearings.

• Integrated coolant flow to eliminate leak paths.

  • Efficient 3 Stage Separation System

Our Patented Vertical 3-Stage conical baffle separator element minimizes coolant carryover to customer plant and reduces the amount of make up replaced. This design also reduces the impact that overfilling or under filling can have on coolant carryover.

  • Xe-Series Controller

High-tech Xe-Series controller, satisfies all-around requirements from our customers. Increases efficiency and stabilizes pressure by sequencing upto 4 Xe-controlled compressors without additional hardware.

  • Premium Efficiency IE3 Motors

Reducing your utility bills, TEFC High Performance induction motor with Class F Insulation. Duty rated star delta starter for Lower in Rush current. Designed to perform in harsh conditions ensuring Peace of mind with High reliability.

  • Driving Towards Maximum Efficiency using

Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) When approx. 20-25% of the total electrical energy is used by Industry to run compressors, it makes compressed air 10 times costlier than electricity. This increases the need to improve efficiency and reduce the wastage of power.

Advanced IE3 efficiency motor. For even more efficiency, optional

Variable Speed Drive can help you save 35% of the energy cost.

  • Ultra coolant


• Ingersoll Rand Bio-degradable Synthetic Ultra Coolant with 2 Years/8000 hour of life.

• Minimum Maintenance Cost due to longer duration between replacement of the coolant.

• No Varnish formation leading to Improved Reliability & life of Rotor; Bearing; Heat Exchanger & Separator.

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