Rice Whitener DRWD


Whitener DRWD

Brown rice, or ‘Cargo Rice’ as it is often known is rice that hasn’t undergone the whitening process. It is only after the outer layers of the brown rice have been removed that the seed then becomes white rice; the staple food recognised by most consumers. Bearing in mind that the product quality and value depends on the whiteness of the rice and the lowest possible proportion of brokens, a high quality whitening machine is crucial to the economic success of a rice mill. Usually there is always a trade-off between whitening degree and breakage, but with a Bühler SmartWhiteTM there’s no compromise - it produces the highest whiteness with the lowest breakage.

  • Superior performance

Designed for delivering unparalleled performance, SmartWhite

delivers highest whiteness with the lowest breakage.

  • High reliability and low maintenance

SmartWhite is designed to built to last. It is equipped with reversible

feed screw design which doubles the working life of feed screw.

  • Easy to operate design

SmartWhite is designed for simplicity, with features such as easy

  • sieve frame adjustment mechanism and simple to use controls
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