Destoner MTSD


Destoner MTSC

Bühler's destoner MTSC is employed for the efficient removal of stones, glass and other high-density matter from the grain stream. The throughput capacities vary according to product and degree of contamination. For common wheat, throughput is up to 22 t/h; for durum wheat, up to 14.5 t/h; for corn (maize), up to 16.5 t/h. The destoner is used in mills processing common wheat, durum wheat, corn (maize), rye, rice and soybeans, as well as in specialty mills for oats, buckwheat, barley, spelt and millet. The destoner MTSC is also employed successfully in breweries, distilleries and in the production of ethanol. Outstanding separating efficiency for best pre-cleaning of grain.


- Excellent separating efficiency 
- Low energy consumption 
- Adapts optimally to customer needs

  • The destoner MTSC is extremely efficient: Even small, lighter stones roughly the size of a grain kernel are removed from the grain stream.
  • The efficient removal of high-density matter such as stones, glass and metal provides additional protection to parts further along the production chain; wear is reduced significantly.

Integrated air recycling system – low energy consumption.

  • A dust collector with upstream fan removes dust particles from the air, thus enabling dust-free operation of the machine.
  • Thanks to the integrated air recycling system, the filter area of the central aspiration can be reduced, which also lowers energy consumption in the process.

Customized solutions – adapted optimally to customer needs.

  • Three different versions of the destoner, with a scalability of up to 6 t/h, 6–12 t/h or 12–22 t/h throughput, respectively, provide the flexibility of optimally adapting investment costs and spatial requirements to meet overall needs.
  • Bühler offers the destoner with or without an air-recycling system. Thus, the customer decides whether to run the machine as a stand-alone unit or to connect it to a centralized aspiration system.
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